The SLX grinder is the world’s first ever that features a revolutionary ceramic, 100% non-toxic, non-stick coating. Not just on the inside, but on the outside of it as well. With this herb grinder nothing goes to waste, every crumb you put in this unique grinder will come out with ease and the best part is that it is completely maintenance free.

It is made from extremely tough aerospace grade aluminum and equipped with razor sharp, uniquely shaped teeth that effortlessly shred your favorite dry herbs into a fluffy, more manageable consistency. The kief catching bottom chamber features a fine micron size pollen screen that lifts out without treads, so no kief will get lost in the screws. Gathering the pollen dust is made extremely easy with the included plastic scraper that is stashed in the bottom chamber.

The SLX piece has a compact design, which enables you to take it along with you in your pocket or purse, perfect for on the go. Slab cuts on the top and bottom of the grinder provide you with a much better grip, and rare earth magnets in the lid will keep your herbs safely stored inside the grinder.

So if you are looking for a weed grinder that will provide maximum results and minimal waste that will last a lifetime, then the herb crusher is your perfect match. It is available in a wide range of stunning colors, so there is bound to be a color that suits your personal preference.



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