Raw Garden Carts



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3 bears–Strawberry Chem–Blueberry Punch–Lime Mojito–Skyhound
-Animas Badlands–Lime Drop–Strawberry Sunrise–Dosi Punch
Banana OG–Valley Haze–Tyrone special–Triangle kush–SYV haze
-Sweet tooth–Strawberry OG–Strawberry jack–Sour diesel
-Banana Punch–Animus Valley–Berry White–Bisti Badlands
-Bisti x Sour Tangie–Blackberry Cream–Blue Alien–Sour Tangie
-Buckeye Purple–Blue Kush–Cherry Haze–Cherry Slurm
-Citrus Sap–Citrus Chem–Clem Haze–Clem N’ Harlequin
-Clementine–Cookies & Cream–Deep Blue C–Dos-Y-Dos
-Forum Slurm–Forum Cookies–GG# 4–Grape–Gluekies
-Heisenberg Sky–Harlequin–Kimbo Kush–Kosher Chem
-Leeroy OG–Kosher Clem–Lime Cookies–Lime Glue
-OG Kush–OG Cookies–Orange Chem–Orange Glue

Raw Garden Carts

Raw Garden Carts | Live resin carts are delivered utilizing pure pot blooms. It is grand to taste and are completely tests to be the most requesting quality standards, which is the explanation Raw Garden is the most trusted and first class brand in Cannabis industry.

These carts takes confidence in 100% ordinary farm new Cannabis. We are farmers in particular, and everything starts with Cannabis plants imitated and developed in the wonderful valleys of California’s Central Coast.

Meanwhile, the mix of rich soil, rankling sun, and cool nights yields a phenomenally different, strong, and wonderful gather of Cannabis blooms.

The magnificent to taste and are completely attempted to the most requesting quality standards, which are the explanation Raw Garden is the most trusted and first in class brand in Cannabis.

The severe outsider checked and naturally based cultivating techniques guarantee we are great stewards of the land, and just clean Cannabis is utilized to make our items. We make items developed from our own seeds, and we utilize simply the best Cannabis blossoms as the source.

Crude Garden, one of the top live pitch merchants, utilizing single-source entire plant new frozen bloom. That, yet their items test clean.

Our novel gathering process uses a cutting edge Cryogenic freezing strategy to catch and secure in the entire quintessence of the Cannabis plant while it is still new and alive, before it can dry out and lose any of its normal flavors and smells.

Then, at that point, we remove the Cannabis oil from the frozen plants to make our protected Raw Garden Live Resin and Refined Live Resin items.

Additionally, that is what you breathe in – 100 percent unadulterated Cannabis oil and Cannabis terpenes – positively NO FILLERS, NO ADDED FLAVORS, AND NO ADDITIVES of any kind. Nothing counterfeit impedes your pleasure in Raw Garden.

Nothing else thinks about the taste and immaculateness of Raw Garden. At the point when you need to light up your day, share great times with loved ones, or unwind before bed, our all-regular Cannabis items make the right experience like clockwork.


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